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02 Feb 2024
Original full-length article |  | 02 Feb 2024

Advanced imaging shows extra-articular abscesses in two out of three adult patients with septic arthritis of the native hip joint

Jordi Cools, Stijn Ghijselings, Fred Ruythooren, Sander Jentjens, Nathalie Noppe, Willem-Jan Metsemakers, and Georges Vles

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Should treatment decisions in septic arthritis of the native hip joint be based on the route of infection?
Fred Ruythooren, Stijn Ghijselings, Jordi Cools, Melissa Depypere, Paul De Munter, Willem-Jan Metsemakers, and Georges Vles
J. Bone Joint Infect., 8, 209–218,,, 2023
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Septic arthritis (SA) of the native adult hip is a rare orthopaedic emergency. To date, the role of advanced imaging has been confined to supporting or opposing diagnosis; however, implications for surgical decision-making and outcomes have not yet been established. We found that extra-articular abscesses are present in two out of three patients and require varying anatomical approaches. Therefore, we recommend routinely performing advanced imaging in all adults with SA of the native hip joint.