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23 Nov 2021
Outcomes of the gastrocnemius flap performed by orthopaedic surgeons in salvage revision knee arthroplasty
Robert Allan McCulloch, Amirul Adlan, Scott Evans, Michael Parry, Jonathan Stevenson, and Lee Jeys
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 425–432,,, 2021
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16 Nov 2021
Methylene blue for the diagnosis of a sinus tract in periprosthetic knee joint infection
Simon Martin Heinrich, Parham Sendi, and Martin Clauss
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 423–424,,, 2021
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12 Nov 2021
Mid-term clinical results of chronic cavitary long bone osteomyelitis treatment using S53P4 bioactive glass: a multi-center study
Tom A. G. Van Vugt, Jeffrey Heidotting, Jacobus J. Arts, Joris J. W. Ploegmakers, Paul C. Jutte, and Jan A. P. Geurts
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 413–421,,, 2021
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10 Nov 2021
Fabrication of antibiotic-loaded dissolvable calcium sulfate beads: an in vitro mixing lab utilizing various antibiotic mixing formulas
Edward J. McPherson, Matthew V. Dipane, Madhav Chowdhry, and Andrew J. Wassef
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 405–412,,, 2021
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10 Nov 2021
Value of ultrasound-guided aspiration of hip arthroplasties performed in an orthopedic clinic by orthopedic surgeons
Holly Duck, Suzanne Tanner, Debra Zillmer, Douglas Osmon, and Kevin Perry
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 393–403,,, 2021
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02 Nov 2021
Sternoclavicular joint septic arthritis in a healthy adult: a rare diagnosis with frequent complications
Rui Barbeiro Gonçalves, André Grenho, Joana Correia, and João Eurico Reis
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 389–392,,, 2021
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20 Oct 2021
Long-term outcome of two-stage revision surgery after hip and knee prosthetic joint infections: an observational study
Yorrick P. Bourgonjen, J. Fred F. Hooning van Duyvenbode, Bruce van Dijk, F. Ruben H. A. Nurmohamed, Ewout S. Veltman, H. Charles Vogely, and Bart C. H. van der Wal
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 379–387,,, 2021
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07 Oct 2021
Diagnosis of orthopaedic-implant-associated infections caused by slow-growing Gram-positive anaerobic bacteria – a clinical perspective
Diana Salomi Ponraj, Thomas Falstie-Jensen, Nis Pedersen Jørgensen, Christen Ravn, Holger Brüggemann, and Jeppe Lange
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 367–378,,, 2021
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01 Oct 2021
Viewpoint: Periprosthetic joint infection and dental antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines
Miao Xian Zhou, Elie F. Berbari, Cory G. Couch, Scott F. Gruwell, and Alan B. Carr
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 363–366,,, 2021
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23 Sep 2021
Left hand extensor tenosynovitis due to Histoplasma capsulatum complicated by immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome
Talha Riaz, Mark Collins, Mark Enzler, Marco Rizzo, Audrey N. Schuetz, Julia S. Lehman, Douglas Osmon, and Irene G. Sia
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 355–361,,, 2021
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23 Sep 2021
Mortality, functional outcomes and quality of life after hip fractures complicated by infection: a case control study
Antonios A. Koutalos, Christos Baltas, Vasileios Akrivos, Christina Arnaoutoglou, and Konstantinos N. Malizos
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 347–354,,, 2021
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07 Sep 2021
Cost of off-label antibiotic therapy for bone and joint infections: a 6-year prospective monocentric observational cohort study in a referral centre for management of complex osteo-articular infections
Truong-Thanh Pham, Eugénie Mabrut, Philippe Cochard, Paul Chardon, Hassan Serrier, Florent Valour, Laure Huot, Michel Tod, Gilles Leboucher, Christian Chidiac, and Tristan Ferry
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 337–346,,, 2021
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03 Sep 2021
Timing of debridement, antibiotics, and implant retention (DAIR) for early post-surgical hip and knee prosthetic joint infection (PJI) does not affect 1-year re-revision rates: data from the Dutch Arthroplasty Register
Barry van der Ende, Jakob van Oldenrijk, Max Reijman, Peter D. Croughs, Liza N. van Steenbergen, Jan A. N. Verhaar, and P. Koen Bos
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 329–336,,, 2021
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23 Aug 2021
Candida fracture-related infection: a systematic review
Daniele De Meo, Gianluca Cera, Giancarlo Ceccarelli, Valerio Castagna, Raissa Aronica, Edoardo M. Pieracci, Pietro Persiani, and Ciro Villani
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 321–328,,, 2021
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17 Aug 2021
The efficacy of suppressive antibiotic treatment in patients managed non-operatively for periprosthetic joint infection and a draining sinus
Karel-Jan Dag François Lensen, Rosa Escudero-Sanchez, Javier Cobo, Rihard Trebše, Camelia Gubavu, Sara Tedeschi, Jose M. Lomas, Cedric Arvieux, Dolors Rodriguez-Pardo, Massimo Fantoni, Maria Jose Garcia Pais, Francisco Jover, Mauro José Costa Salles, Ignacio Sancho, Marta Fernandez Sampedro, Alex Soriano, Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker, and ESCMID Study Group of Implant Associated Infections (ESGIAI)
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 313–319,,, 2021
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