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Journal of Bone and Joint Infection An open-access journal of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society and the MusculoSkeletal Infection Society
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29 Jul 2021
Complications in the treatment of periprosthetic joint infection of the hip: when do they occur?
Katherine Li, Mario Cuadra, Gregory Scarola, Susan Odum, Jesse Otero, William Griffin, and Bryan D. Springer
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 295–303,,, 2021
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20 Jul 2021
Ceramic composite with gentamicin decreases persistent infection and increases bone formation in a rat model of debrided osteomyelitis
Aleksey Dvorzhinskiy, Giorgio Perino, Robert Chojnowski, Marjolein C. H. van der Meulen, Mathias P. G. Bostrom, and Xu Yang
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 283–293,,, 2021
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16 Jul 2021
Orthopedic management of pubic symphysis osteomyelitis: a case series
Henry T. Shu, Ahmed H. Elhessy, Janet D. Conway, Arthur L. Burnett, and Babar Shafiq
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 273–281,,, 2021
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08 Jul 2021
Systematic review of risk prediction studies in bone and joint infection: are modifiable prognostic factors useful in predicting recurrence?
Maria Dudareva, Andrew Hotchen, Martin A. McNally, Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, Matthew Scarborough, and Gary Collins
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 257–271,,, 2021
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07 Jul 2021
Bilateral septic arthritis with rapid progressive destruction of the femoral head after joint injection in rheumatoid arthritis
Viola Freigang, Florian Baumann, and Volker Alt
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 255–256,,, 2021
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02 Jul 2021
The Staphylococcus aureus toxin–antitoxin system YefM–YoeB is associated with antibiotic tolerance and extracellular dependent biofilm formation
Xinyu Qi, Kimberly M. Brothers, Dongzhu Ma, Jonathan B. Mandell, Niles P. Donegan, Ambrose L. Cheung, Anthony R. Richardson, and Kenneth L. Urish
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 241–253,,, 2021
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28 Jun 2021
Extensive skin necrosis after periprosthetic knee infection: a case that highlights the possibility of complications induced by low-molecular-weight heparin
Hélder Fonte, André Carvalho, João Rosa, Cláudia Pereira, Alexandre Pereira, Ricardo Sousa, and further members of the Porto Bone and Joint Infection Unit
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 235–240,,, 2021
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08 Jun 2021
Acute or chronic periprosthetic joint infection? Using the ESR ∕ CRP ratio to aid in determining the acuity of periprosthetic joint infections
Zachary K. Christopher, Kade S. McQuivey, David G. Deckey, Jack Haglin, Mark J. Spangehl, and Joshua S. Bingham
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 229–234,,, 2021
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04 Jun 2021
Periprosthetic hip infections in a Swedish regional hospital between 2012 and 2018: is there a relationship between Cutibacterium acnes infections and uncemented prostheses?
Urban Hedlundh, Michail Zacharatos, Jonas Magnusson, Magnus Gottlander, and Johanna Karlsson
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 219–228,,, 2021
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04 Jun 2021
Soft-tissue thickness radiographic measurement: a marker to evaluate acute periprosthetic joint infection risk in total hip replacement
Laura Rey Fernández, Francesc Angles Crespo, Silvia María Miguela Álvarez, Martí Carles Bernaus-Johnson, Agustí Bartra Ylla, and Lluís Font-Vizcarra
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 211–217,,, 2021
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02 Jun 2021
A rare case of invasive non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae spondylodiscitis and periprosthetic joint infection
Kevin Sermet, François Demaeght, Isabelle Alcaraz, Nathalie Viget, Julie Dauenhauer, Eric Senneville, and Olivier Robineau
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 207–209,,, 2021
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27 May 2021
Reply to McNally's comment on “Bioactive glass S53P4 vs. autologous bone graft for filling defects in patients with chronic osteomyelitis and infected non-unions – a single center experience” by Steinhausen et al. (2021)
Eva Steinhausen, Rolf Lefering, Martin Glombitza, Nikolaus Brinkmann, Carsten Vogel, Bastian Mester, and Marcel Dudda
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 203–205,,, 2021
27 May 2021
Comment on “Bioactive glass S53P4 vs. autologous bone graft for filling defects in patients with chronic osteomyelitis and infected non-unions – a single center experience” by Steinhausen et al. (2021)
Martin McNally
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 199–201,,, 2021
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26 May 2021
Pursuit of the ideal antiseptic irrigation solution in the management of periprosthetic joint infections
Ahmed Siddiqi, Zuhdi E. Abdo, Bryan D. Springer, and Antonia F. Chen
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 189–198,,, 2021
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25 May 2021
Vascularized fibula flap in the management of segmental bone loss following osteomyelitis in children at a Ugandan hospital
Antonio Loro, Andrew Hodges, George William Galiwango, and Francesca Loro
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 179–187,,, 2021
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20 May 2021
Costal osteomyelitis due to Bartonella henselae in a 10-year-old girl
Arnaud Salmon-Rousseau, Christelle Auvray, Quentin Besset, Claire Briandet, Claire Desplantes, and Pascal Chavanet
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 171–178,,, 2021
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10 May 2021
Hip aspiration culture: analysing data from a single operator series investigating periprosthetic joint infection
Connor J. Barker, Alan Marriot, Munir Khan, Tamsin Oswald, Samuel J. Tingle, Paul F. Partington, Ian Carluke, and Mike R. Reed
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 165–170,,, 2021
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28 Apr 2021
A retrospective cohort study comparing clinical outcomes and healthcare resource utilisation in patients undergoing surgery for osteomyelitis in England: a case for reorganising orthopaedic infection services
Jamie Ferguson, Myriam Alexander, Stuart Bruce, Matthew O'Connell, Sue Beecroft, and Martin McNally
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 151–163,,, 2021
26 Apr 2021
Safety and tolerability of liquid amikacin in antibiotic-loaded bone cement – a case series
Don Bambino Geno Tai, Nathan J. Brinkman, Omar Abu Saleh, Douglas R. Osmon, Matthew P. Abdel, and Christina G. Rivera
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 147–150,,, 2021
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