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29 Jan 2024
Original full-length article |  | 29 Jan 2024

Diagnostic cutoff values of synovial fluid biomarkers for acute postoperative prosthetic joint infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Marta Sabater-Martos, Marc Ferrer, Laura Morata, Alex Soriano, and Juan Carlos Martínez-Pastor

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Guideline for management of septic arthritis in native joints (SANJO)
Christen Ravn, Jeroen Neyt, Natividad Benito, Miguel Araújo Abreu, Yvonne Achermann, Svetlana Bozhkova, Liselotte Coorevits, Matteo Carlo Ferrari, Karianne Wiger Gammelsrud, Ulf-Joachim Gerlach, Efthymia Giannitsioti, Martin Gottliebsen, Nis Pedersen Jørgensen, Tomislav Madjarevic, Leonard Marais, Aditya Menon, Dirk Jan Moojen, Markus Pääkkönen, Marko Pokorn, Daniel Pérez-Prieto, Nora Renz, Jesús Saavedra-Lozano, Marta Sabater-Martos, Parham Sendi, Staffan Tevell, Charles Vogely, Alex Soriano, and the SANJO guideline group
J. Bone Joint Infect., 8, 29–37,,, 2023
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Simple and inexpensive synovial fluid biomarkers for the diagnosis of prosthetic joint infection according to the new EBJIS definition
Sara Elisa Diniz, Ana Ribau, André Vinha, José Carlos Oliveira, Miguel Araújo Abreu, and Ricardo Sousa
J. Bone Joint Infect., 8, 109–118,,, 2023
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First evaluation of a commercial multiplex PCR panel for rapid detection of pathogens associated with acute joint infections
Jorrit Willem Adriaan Schoenmakers, Rosanne de Boer, Lilli Gard, Greetje Anna Kampinga, Marleen van Oosten, Jan Maarten van Dijl, Paulus Christiaan Jutte, and Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker
J. Bone Joint Infect., 8, 45–50,,, 2023
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Standardized quantification of biofilm in a novel rabbit model of periprosthetic joint infection
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J. Bone Joint Infect., 7, 91–99,,, 2022
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Nuclear imaging does not have clear added value in patients with low a priori chance of periprosthetic joint infection. A retrospective single-center experience
Karsten D. Ottink, Stefan J. Gelderman, Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker, Joris J. W. Ploegmakers, Andor W. J. M. Glaudemans, and Paul C. Jutte
J. Bone Joint Infect., 7, 1–9,,, 2022
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This is a meta-analysis of six studies describing the cutoff values of white blood cell count and polymorphonuclear percentage in synovial fluid for the diagnosis of acute postoperative peri-prosthetic joint infection (PJI). 
We found that both the WBC count and PMN percentage are good markers for diagnosis of acute postoperative PJI. However, the synovial WBC count is more powerful in diagnosing acute postoperative PJI.