Articles | Volume 7, issue 4
26 Aug 2022
Viewpoint |  | 26 Aug 2022

The unrelenting tide of osteoarticular infections in children: reflections from Uganda, eastern Africa

Antonio Loro

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Vascularized fibula flap in the management of segmental bone loss following osteomyelitis in children at a Ugandan hospital
Antonio Loro, Andrew Hodges, George William Galiwango, and Francesca Loro
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 179–187,,, 2021
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Subject: Risk factors for bone and joint infections | Topic: All topics
Wound drainage after arthroplasty and prediction of acute prosthetic joint infection: prospective data from a multicentre cohort study using a telemonitoring app
Henk Scheper, Rachid Mahdad, Brenda Elzer, Claudia Löwik, Wierd Zijlstra, Taco Gosens, Joris C. T. van der Lugt, Robert J. P. van der Wal, Rudolf W. Poolman, Matthijs P. Somford, Paul C. Jutte, Pieter K. Bos, Richard E. Zwaan, Rob G. H. H. Nelissen, Leo G. Visser, Mark G. J. de Boer, and the wound care app study group
J. Bone Joint Infect., 8, 59–70,,, 2023
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Arthroplasty after septic arthritis of the native hip and knee: retrospective analysis of 49 joints
Elodie Portier, Valérie Zeller, Younes Kerroumi, Beate Heym, Simon Marmor, and Pascal Chazerain
J. Bone Joint Infect., 7, 81–90,,, 2022
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The presence of a draining sinus is associated with failure of re-implantation during two-stage exchange arthroplasty
Alexandra S.​​​​​​​ Gabrielli, Alan E. Wilson, Richard A. Wawrose, Malcolm Dombrowski, Michael J. O'Malley, and Brian A. Klatt
J. Bone Joint Infect., 7, 55–60,,, 2022
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Immunological evaluation of patients with orthopedic infections: taking the Cierny–Mader classification to the next level
Janet D. Conway, Vache Hambardzumyan, Nirav G. Patel, Shawn D. Giacobbe, and Martin G. Gesheff
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 433–441,,, 2021
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Systematic review of risk prediction studies in bone and joint infection: are modifiable prognostic factors useful in predicting recurrence?
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Forty years ago I made a radical professional choice: to dedicate a few years of practice to the African continent. Not surprisingly, a few years became many. This paper is dedicated to the children who are battling osteoarticular infections and to those who will be struggling with them in future.