Articles | Volume 6, issue 9
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 413–421, 2021
J. Bone Joint Infect., 6, 413–421, 2021

Original full-length article 12 Nov 2021

Original full-length article | 12 Nov 2021

Mid-term clinical results of chronic cavitary long bone osteomyelitis treatment using S53P4 bioactive glass: a multi-center study

Tom A. G. Van Vugt et al.

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Chronic osteomyelitis is a bone infection and was treated with a combination of antibiotics and two surgeries. With the introduction of the biomaterial S53P4 bioactive glass, these infections can be treated with antibiotics and one surgery. This study shows 85 % success in the treatment of these bone infections. Together with the fundamentally different antibacterial mechanisms without antibiotic resistance, S53P4 bioactive glass is recommendable for the treatment of these infections.