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21 May 2019
Original full-length article |  | 21 May 2019

Mycobacterium senegalense Osteomyelitis of the Distal Tibia: A Case Report

Jeremiah Maupin, Austin Cantrell, Katherine Kupiec, Dante Paolo Melendez, and Amgad M. Haleem

Keywords: Mycobacterium senegalense, osteomyelitis, Nontuberculous mycobacterium, Ilizarov External Fixator

Abstract. Mycobacterium senegalense infection is rare. We present the third documented case of M. senegalense infection and the first to involve the musculoskeletal system. A 55-year old immunocompetent male developed chronic osteomyelitis of the ankle and required antibiotic spacers, an Ilizarov external fixator and multiple antibiotic regimens to eradicate the infection.