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Brief report
01 Oct 2016
Brief report |  | 01 Oct 2016

Acute Mono-Arthritis of the Knee: A Case Report of Infection with Parvimonas Micra and Concomitant Pseudogout

Martijn Dietvorst, Ramon Roerdink, Alexander C.A.P. Leenders, Menno A. Kiel, and L. Paul A.

Keywords: septic arthritis, knee, acute mono-arthritis, Parvimonas micra, pseudogout, CPPD.

Abstract. Parvimonas micra is a rare pathogen for septic arthritis and is known for its subacute onset. We report a case of acute arthritis of the knee caused by P. micra and pseudogout. Initially, calcium pyrophosphate crystals were found in the knee, which were successfully treated with a steroid injection. Only anaerobic cultures became positive. A 16S rRNA PCR-analysis was necessary to identify P. micra as causative agent, a method which is never described before in similar cases. The infection was treated with clindamycin for 6 weeks. This is the third case report of a septic arthritis caused by P. micra and the second which also reports concomitant pseudogout.